Saturday November 17th, 2018
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About Us -, inc. - Web Hosting and Email Services, Inc. was originally started as an offshoot from a Web Development company. Over time there was more and more demand to host web sites. As more people asked us to host their sites we decided to become host45. As we continued to do that we realized that we should focus on what we do best. Systems Administration is just that. So was born. Originally the idea was host for five. This way anyone can afford to host their site for only 5 dollars.

Now many years later we host hundreds of domains with many satisfied customers. From small static web sites using Shared Hosting to Large dynamic database driven web sites using Dedicated Managed Server Hosting.

Host45 is a company driven to provide customers with a complete solution to their entire current and future Web site needs. The company's customer base includes all consumers and all small to medium-sized businesses, including start-ups and Web Designers / Developers.

Host45 owns and manages all of its own servers, allowing the company to offer competitive pricing on its services to customers.

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