Saturday November 17th, 2018
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Hosting your own web site HOWTO.

How do I setup, host and make a web site? Below are the basics to learning how to host your own web site. We will show you step by step instructions to setup and host your web site.

1. Register your domain

First you must register a domain of your choice with a domain registrar. There are many domain registrars. Network Solutions, are the largest. There are many others too. Once you register a domain you will now own it and be able to use it along with a web hosting provider like us,

2. Choose a Hosting Plan

Choosing a hosting plan for your new domain will determine the main cost of hosting. This is generally determined by a few main things:

1. # of Email Accounts
2. Amount of Disk Space your site will need.
3. Will your site be using a database. (most will not)
4. Bandwidth usage (not an issue for most sites)
To give you an idea you can view our Hosting plans here: Hosting Plans

3. Change the DNS servers for your domain.

When you register a domain your registrar will automatically set the DNS servers listed in a whois query to be theirs. When you select a hosting provider you will need to change those to the hosting providers DNS servers. This allows your hosting provider to take control of the domain and provide you hosting services. Web space, Email Accounts, etc.

4. Creating a web page.

There are many ways to create a web site. There are many HTML editors out there that most people use. Some who may not know or want to learn HTML can use Site Builders, Frontpage, or other WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) editors to create web pages without HTML knowledge.

If you want to learn more about HTML check out our HTML Basics. It will show you the basics of HTML.

You may want to have a Web site designed by someone. There is a list of Designers and Developers in our Developers Showcase that host their web site with us.

5. Upload your web site.

In order to transfer your web site files to our web servers you will need an FTP client software. It allows you to connect to the server with your username and password to upload your files. WSFTP and CuteFTP are 2 of the more popular FTP clients. There are many more and several you can download for free off the internet. Also see our FTP Howto.

6. Setup Your Email Accounts

Setting up your email accounts may seem confusing for some people. It is very easy. With our Control Panel System you can easily add email accounts to your domain so you can have First Create your email account described here:
Control Panel Email Creation HOWTO

Second setup your email client. Most use Microsoft Outlook.

See Outlook XP Howto.
See Outlook Express Howto.

If you still have any trouble, try logging in with the account you created using Web Mail. Web Mail for your domain will be located at

Thats it! If you still have questions about hosting a web site feel free to email us @


Popular Hosting Plans
The 5 Plan
500mb Disk Space
5 POP3 Email Accounts
Control Panel
No Setup Fees!
$5 per month

The 10 Plan
1000mb Disk Space
10 POP3 Email Accounts
Control Panel
No Setup Fees!
$10 per month

Dedicated MDS-1
- 4 Gigs of RAM
- Linux OS
- 750GB SATA HDD Mirror
- 80GB Transfer
- Daily Backups
- Control Panel
$199 per month
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