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ISP Outgoing SMTP Server Hosts

Below is a list of most common isp outgoing SMTP Servers. Some ISP's do not allow their users to use a third party mail server to send outgoing mail. In that case you can use your ISP's outgoing SMTP Server.

Adelphia smtp.blk.adelphia.net
Alltel mail.alltel.net
AOL smtp.aol.com
AT&T mailhost.worldnet.att.net
AT&T Business Internet Service mail.attbi.com
BCPL mail.bcpl.net
bellatlantic.net smtpout.bellatlantic.net
Bestweb smtp.bestweb.net
BEV.net smtp.bev.net
Blacksburg.net smtp.blacksburg.net
BYU nm.byu.edu
CalWeb smtp.calweb.com
Charm.net smtp.charm.net
Charter Communications smtp.charter.net
chicagonet.net mail.chicagonet.net
Citizen's Internet smtp.swva.net
Coastalnet mail2.coastalnet.com
Columbia smtp.columbia.edu
Comcast smtp.comcast.net
Comcast / ATTBI smtp.comcast.net
CompuServ smtp.site1.csi.com
CompuServe Classic mail.compuserve.com
Concentric smtp.concentric.net
Cox East smtp.east.cox.net
Cox West smtp.west.cox.net
Crosslink smtp.crosslink.net
CU Boulder eces.colorado.edu
DirecWay smtp.direcway.com
EarthLink mail.earthlink.net
Enter smtp.enter.net
Ezy smtp.ezy.et
FloydVA.net mail.floydva.net
ibm.net smtp1.ibm.net
interaccess.com smtp.interaccess.com
ITOL mail.itol.com
Juno smtp.juno.com
Lycos email.1stup.com
MCI2000 mailrelay.internetmci.com
McLeodusa email.mcleodusa.net
mediaone.net smtp.ce.mediaone.net
Mindspring smtp.mindspring.com
Mpower Communications smtp.mpowercom.net
MSN smtp.email.msn.com
netcom.com smtp.ix.netcom.com
netexpress.net netexpress.net
NetHere mail.nethere.net
Netscape smtp.isp.netscape.com
Netzero smtp.netzero.net
NRVi.net mail.nrvi.net
NTELOS mail.ntelos.net
NYU.edu is4.nyu.edu
Omega Communications smtp.i-plus.net
PacBell mail.pacbell.net
PeoplePC mail.peoplepc.com
Prodigy smtp.prodigy.net
PSI.net relay.smtp.psi.net
PSINet bbr0-f1.sna.com
PSU.edu smtp.psu.edu
PTD.net mail.ptd.net
Qwest Colorado Springs pop.clsp.qwest.net
Qwest Denver pop.dnvr.qwest.net
Qwest Idaho pop.bois.qwest.net
Qwest Nebraska pop.omah.qwest.net
Qwest New Mexico pop.albq.qwest.net
Qwest Phoenix pop.phnx.qwest.net
Qwest Tucson pop.tcsn.qwest.net
RCN.com smtp.rcn.com
Rider.edu enigma.rider.edu
Road Runner (Hawaii) smtp-server.hawaii.rr.com
Road Runner (San Diego) mail.san.rr.com
SBC Global Pacbell smtp.pacbell.yahoo.com
SBC Global Prodigy smtpauth.prodigy.net
SBC Global SWBell smtp.swbell.yahoo.com
SBC Global Yahoo! smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com
SDSU rohan.sdsu.edu
Shentel smtp.shentel.net
SpeakEasy mail.speakeasy.net
SprintPCS smtp.sprintpcs.com
Sysnet mail.sysnet.net
telocity.com smtp.telocity.com
UCCS smtp.uccs.edu
UCSD smtp.ucsd.edu
ucsf.edu mail.ucsf.edu
UMBC smtp.gl.umbc.edu
velocityhsi.com mail.velocityhsi.com
Verio mail.verio.net
Verizon outgoing.verizon.net
Virginia Tech smtp.vt.edu
Waypoint mail.wayport.net
Yahoo smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Ziplink smtp.ziplink.net
ZNET mail.znet.com


Popular Hosting Plans
The 5 Plan
500mb Disk Space
5 POP3 Email Accounts
Control Panel
No Setup Fees!
$5 per month

The 10 Plan
1000mb Disk Space
10 POP3 Email Accounts
Control Panel
No Setup Fees!
$10 per month

Dedicated MDS-1
- 4 Gigs of RAM
- Linux OS
- 750GB SATA HDD Mirror
- 80GB Transfer
- Daily Backups
- Control Panel
$199 per month

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