Saturday November 17th, 2018
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PHP Counter, PHP Form to Email and PHP Examples

Simple PHP Counter Script

You can either include this script into the page you want counted using include("counter.php"); or you can just embed this script into your page. It will count and display the counter number.

PHP Code - Sample PHP counter code.

All you need to do is create a blank textfile called counter.txt and set the permissions to other writable or chmod 777. You can set the permissions on this file in your ftp software.

Simple Form to Email Script

Simply Save both the HTML to contact.html and the php script to contact.php.

HTML Code - Sample HTML form code.
PHP Code - Sample PHP form handling code.

These scripts will show you the basics of emailing data from a form to an email address. Just be sure to change the email address in the php script. The corresponding $variables in the php script are the same as the INPUT tag names in the html script. To add more fields to your form just make sure these correspond.


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