Saturday November 17th, 2018
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These are various testimonials from some of our clients. If you have a testimonial you would like us to add please email it to

Thanks. You guys do a great job of providing service and taking care of customers.

-Anand Satiani

I've been with Host45 for almost 3 years now and I am absolutely impressed by the level of service I have received. The technical support staff have always worked hard to answer my questions and there has been little or no downtime for any of my domains. Thank you Mati and James for a great business relationship. I want you to know that you guys really have super fast, and excellent service compared to other hosting providers that I've worked with in the past. I have recommended you to all my friends and associates and will continue to do so with full confidence!

Gold Crow Solutions, Inc.
Affordable, Effective Web Design & Internet Solutions

-Rick Jones

The guys at host 4 5 are on top of things. They have been providing services for me like e-mail, ftp and web sites for over 2 years. I can't believe the connectivity and speed. Service is A+. I send all of my clients to them for hosting solutions because they can't be beat. I can honestly say there isn't a better way to get hosting done on the net.

-Trevor Bruford

Tops on my list as well...never to busy to help the customer...!!!!!!!!!

-Ben Harker

I fourth that! The Host45 packages offer just what you need to get the job done with ease and flexibility. Thank you for the wonderful service, Jason

-Jason Schaefer

I have worked with the team at host45 for nearly two years. Their service and speed have just bowled us over, as the NASA-sponsored site they have hosted successfully weathers a quarter million site-hits per day [8 million per month], including more than 80 peak events from top page listings with slashdot and google news. Those are the kind of unanticipated events that plague sysadmins, since they typically have had no lead-times or preparation for. Throughout, host45 servers have held up like champions. We recently hosted content with them on the Mars landings, which has been touted as the world's biggest live streaming event yet. We have tried other services and even hosted the site ourselves for awhile-- but have only our highest kudos to offer the host45 service professionals.

Dr. David Noever, Web Architect, NASA Astrobiology Magazine

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-NASA Astrobiology Magazine

I ummm... 1,2,3,4,5, 'sixth' that!!! Been doing business with them for 3 years and not one complaint! I have recommended all my clients (Im a web designer) to and they are also all happy! Keep up the GREAT hosting!!!

-Steve Gosling

You guys truly are one of the best companies that I have conducted business with and really can't even begin to explain how smooth and pleasant it has been working with you, you have really provided the best in service and customer service. Thank you!

-Kevin Schinnerer

You have such a great customer service. Every question I have is being solved immediately. Before signing up with I was skeptical what kind of service I was going to receive for just $5 a month, but it's been exceptional. Thank you for great service. Satisfied customer. Thank you.

-Aram Ziyalyan

I second that! Host45 has been extremely helpful when I've encountered problems and the service has been great. I'm currently developing other web sites that will most certainly end up on host45 servers and will recommend the service to others. Thanks again.

-Douglas Allan

Thank you for all your help, your customer service is the best I have ever ran across. You are very professional and I just want to let you know that it is appreciated.

-Jerry Allen

host45 is an outstanding hosting service. Not one complaint!

-Brian Davis

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