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Shared hosting is an economical, flexible web hosting solution for individuals and small-sized businesses looking to establish their online presence. Shared Hosting is generally used for smaller sites that use less disk space, bandwidth and email services.

A managed / dedicated server is a server leased or owned by a single customer with complex web hosting requirements and high traffic volumes. Unlike shared hosting, which shares resources across a number of hosting customers, a dedicated server is set aside on our network to exclusively host and serve one web hosting customer.

The 5 Plan

Our original and most popular hosting plan. Only $5 per month. Perfect for basic web sites and a few email accounts.

The 10 Plan

The 10 Plan is a step up from our 5 Plan. For $10 per month you get more resources and room to grow.


Our Dedicated servers are fully customized to fit your needs. Dedicated servers are typically used for larger web sites that require more resources.